My Classic American Experience

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Classic American Every day our lives are molded by those around us. We grow up learning to live like those who raise us. We see their happiness, hardships, and everything else that comes between. All of the things that happen to them, we take and make our own or try to do better than, but more importantly we learn what life is really about. Our lives would never be the same if we never saw what life is supposed to be about from those who influence us, and we only saw the easiness of some parts of everyday life. The wholeness of life is what makes where we come from what it truly is. The place I come from is like a greasy wrench. Growing up, I always spent the majority of my time with my grandparents.
My grandpa, however, was the one I was
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Every day, I realized just how important these experiences were for me to learn. My grandpa’s experiences in a local factory that was once called Norandal opened my eyes to what hard work really was. Norandal was and still is large tinfoil producing factory. There, a worker’s safety is at risk with any job. He would have to deal with the molten metal or scalding steam every time he went to work. He would then come home covered in residue from the tin production along with oi and grease from any machine that broke down that he had to fix. Over time, the physical endangerments and noise levels wore his body down from constant exposer. Not to mention, he had battled his first round of cancer during this time in his life. As I look back on his time at Norandal, I see that anything that is not as safe as it should be in my work environment or how dirty I come out of a job is nothing compared to what it was before …show more content…
I knew from that young age on that I would always put my best effort into living the rest of my life working as hard he did into any job that I wanted to acquire later in life. Anytime I would start to struggle, I would remember how hard he worked and how much fighting through whatever I was doing would pay off. To this day, every day spent with him was worth every ounce of sweat, grease, and dirt that covered my body after a long day or afternoon spent working with him. I may not have done as much as I thought I did back then, but the skills I left with were worthwhile. Every day since, I have had to use some of those skills to work my way through my

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