My Choice Of Marine Biology

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My career of choice for the future is marine biology. I am very interested in marine biology because I 've always been fascinated by the ocean and the creatures that live in it. Since I was young I found it strange how we know more about the depths of space than we know about our ocean. The mystery intrigued me and to this day I still want to pursue a career in marine biology. Also another reason I chose marine biology is because of the episode in Seinfeld where George has to pretend he is a marine biologist.
In order to pursue this dream I would need to major in marine biology. While in college I would take a course in marine ecology. In this class I would learn creature’s relationships with each other and their habitats. Another thing to
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I would also have to take many other biology classes of course and basic science classes like, Chemistry and Physics. A math class would also be important when trying to become a marine biologist. These subjects are important to have because they all play a certain role in the career of marine biology. Marine ecology is bit obvious, but it would of course help understand more about the actual creatures I would be studying as a marine biologist. Basic biology classes are important because not only will they help me learn new things, they will also help me referees have myself on the things I 've previously learned in other biology classes. Chemistry and Physics play a very important in life, therefore they would play a very important part in marine biology. When studying the ocean there could be certain chemicals that need to be examined, or maybe you would need to study a certain hormone in fish. Either way chemistry plays a very big part in marine biology. Physics is equally important, everyone has to follow the laws of physics, and the same goes for the oceans. But of course the ocean works differently than land. There could be a scenario where you would need to study swimming patterns or how a certain creatures fins work. You can see how important Chemistry and Physics class would be for someone in the marine biology field. And of course math would be greatly …show more content…
Everything that marine biology is, is science. Without science there is no marine biology, there is no discovering the great unknown or figuring out how our world works. If anything you could say that marine biology has contributed to the field of science not the other way around. Anything that has been discovered through marine biology has been given to science. Due to marine biologists, scientists have been able to figure out a lot of things about our planet. We have been able to learn things that benefit all of society, for example cleaning up an oil spill. The whole world relies on the ocean, it takes up seventy percent of the earth and it is responsible for much of what happens in everyday life. It is a big factor in weather the closer you are to the coast and it can still affect you even if you are hundreds of miles inland. Much of our food comes from the ocean and we receive most of our proteins from it. And not only humans rely on it, like I said the whole world relies on the ocean including plants and

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