My Childhood Of The Summer Camp Essay

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There was a time when instead of saying the number three, I confidently said tree. I would hear giggles from not only kids but of the grownups too that were part of the summer camp I was in. Of course, I was just a little girl at that time, learning along with millions of others in the world what is the proper way to pronounce words. That time of my life I was not only learning how to speak but also read, being familiar with words. Just like most people too, my parents were the foundation of my literacy and from them, I continued to be the top bookworm in my family. I read from a wide range of until I narrowed down to a few in which they became part of my childhood and of growing up. Because of them, I learned to be inspired by words. How influential they can be, but still be burdened by the many rules of the English language that it made me hate writing or sometimes talk and love reading more.
We had three copies of Chika Chika Boom Boom in my house. It was almost every day that my mom would read us, “A told B Then B said to C, ‘Hey! I’ll race you to the end of the Boom Boom forest’”. I learned the alphabet because of this book. As my parents got settled from coming to a new country and my dad got a steady job, more and more books started to pile up. The Giving Tree, Green Eggs and Ham, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Five Little Monkeys were of many books stacked up against the computer cupboard. I would get so fascinated by the simple stories in each book that created so…

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