Essay My Childhood : My Mom, Sister, And I

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My childhood began when my mom, sister, and I were homeless for two weeks, and we lived in a hotel for two months. On her last leg of unemployment my mother applied for welfare, in order to sustain a home to live in. She then graduated from UEI and got a job the very next day after. She got an internship that paid twelve plus dollars an hour and when the time came, she got off of welfare and was provided with child and medical care. However, right after, the very next week, my dad went to jail. At the time my mom had two children, my sister and I, in elementary school that she had to take care of. It was a climatic situation that brought everything into focus.
Being raised by a full time working single parent, meant that I could not join sports or take part in extracurricular activities. My mom did not have the time or freedom to show me the ropes of how to maneuver a way for my education; so I knew that I had to study and I push myself. Being independent and self reliant takes dedication, courage, time management and a will to become something great. I have learned to manage my time, stress, be efficient in everything I do, manage my workload, and make sure that I am extremely organized. That is when I chose the charter school option through Options For Youth in San Bernardino.
I had a paradigm shift as I enrolled in Options for Youth. Options for Youth was a door of opportunity, for someone my age, to utilize education at the most amplified rate. It provided independent…

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