Essay about My Career Path And My Goals

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Establishing My Projected Career Path Over the past eight weeks I have thought more about my career path and decide where I want to go with my career. I have come to the realization that I enjoy leading. I do not need to manage everything and everybody, but I do need to contribute and take on new activities and challenges to be happy and fulfilled. Although my laissez-fair leadership style is that of leading by example and not by micro-managing, I do know that I can become a more effective leader by adding other styles in to the way I lead. Leaning on my personal strengths of loyalty, persistence, and a strong work ethic, I feel I will not only become a better employee, but also work to become a stronger leader with a better communication skillset. By defining and constantly evolving my leadership style and goals, I believe I will continue to become a stronger leader throughout my career. To achieve this I will remember to listen to my team, acknowledge their strengths and weakness (including my own), and help develop a plan for forward thinking.
Career Goals Currently my professional career is mostly satisfying, but in order to continue to grow within my profession I need to obtain a degree in order to maintain and add credibility. While work experience is sought after (and I feel that I have a decent amount of experience), adding a degree adds another element that is desired in the workforce today. By finishing my degree, along with past work experience in…

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