My Career Goals In Health Services Administration

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It is my aim to be accepted into the Department of Health Management and Information’s Master of Science in Health Sciences with a track in Health Services Administration, in the fall of 2017. If accepted, I would wish to learn more about health care systems around the world. Moreover, I would like to know what different health organizations have accomplished, so hospitals and other health organizations in the US can implement new strategies and policies to improve themselves. It would also be beneficial to help improve not only the quality of the services provided, but the access to these services so more people will be able to get the help they need. This is how I envision my career goals as I head into the health services administration …show more content…
You may have come across people who have known what they wanted to do with their professional life since they were in high school or younger. For me, these goals came at a much later time. Going into college at James Madison University (JMU), I transitioned into a few different majors trying to decide what I really wanted for my life. I thought nursing would be for me, but when I was denied admission to their program I became a bit lost on what my next step would be. I started doing research on what programs JMU had to offer in their Health Science department, and it is here I came across the Bachelor’s Degree in Health Services Administration. The program seemed interesting to me, a mixture of the health care field with some business aspect to it, so I contacted the program director and set up a time to meet. After talking with Dr. Jon Thompson, I realized that this program might actually be a better fit for me than what I had originally set out to accomplish in my undergrad. I started taking classes for the program in the fall of 2012, and as you can see from my transcript, I excelled at doing well in these courses. One of the first courses I took in the program, US Healthcare System, really opened my eyes on what healthcare is like in this country. Once I started learning about healthcare, I wanted to know more and more. I came to the conclusion that I had finally found what career I would be in after

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