My Career As A Physician Assistant Essay

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When isolated by themselves, organs like the heart, the small intestine, and the femur may not initially seem connected. However, a closer look at these organs shows a deep, mutually beneficial relationship. The marrow of the femur generates the stem cells that mature into the blood cells eventually pumped throughout the body by the heart. The small intestine absorbs nutrients and transfers them to the bloodstream, to be carried throughout the body with each heartbeat. These nutrients and blood cells are ultimately carried back to the femur to nourish and oxygenate its cells. Just like each organ contributes its products and processes to maintain homeostasis, the experiences preparing me to be a physician assistant are distinct, yet intertwined. My sales career, experiences in motherhood, and healthcare volunteer opportunities each plays an important role in my decision to pursue a career as a physician assistant and continue to prepare me for the rigors of the PA curriculum.
The 40-week journey to motherhood was the most significant experience on my path to becoming a health care provider. The biological sciences always interested me, but the months of recurring prenatal appointments left me with a strong desire to be involved in the care of women and children. With every additional visit, the connection I had with my OBGYN and Nurse-Midwife deepened. I saw a softer, more personal side of healthcare. I truly enjoy the investigative, problem-solving challenges that arise in…

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