My Desire To Enter The Field Of Medicine

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The benefits from medical interactions are often perceived to be within the exclusive domain of the patient. The physician, in many cases, acts as the main benefactor – conferring upon the patient medical knowledge, treatment, and other health-related insights. To assume this, however, would be to neglect some of the reciprocal benefits associated with medicine as well as the rewards incumbent upon helping others. Through my service endeavors, I have had the opportunity to foster mutually rewarding relationships that have not only benefitted the conditions of those around me, but have also provided me with insights that have perpetuated my desire to enter the field of medicine.
It is immensely rewarding to be able to effect change in a surrounding
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As a health screening volunteer, I was able to observe the civic responsibility physicians possess towards their community as well as the visible effects of their contributions. Witnessing a physician’s ability to provide solace and comfort to a patient lays credence to the incredible healing power a physician possesses. Of greater relevance, I also observed the relationship that physicians came to develop with their patients which paralleled my own involvement as a youth mentor. When patients entered our clinic, it often seemed like they entered with their entire lives – many of them were compelled to share concerns about a range of other life issues. While performing blood pressure checks, I routinely found myself engaged in a myriad of discussions related to their school or family life, issues related to their job, or other community-related concerns. These interactions have reminded me that health and illness also exist past a cellular and molecular level and encompass a variety of social and psychological factors. An individual fundamentally resides at the intersection of the social and biological, and by coalescing these factors, we can help facilitate the development mutually beneficial outcomes and …show more content…
Collectively, these experiences have allowed me to broaden my own insights and develop myself as an individual, while also instilling in me a robust appreciation for the practice of medicine. The ability to profoundly impact another human beings life and well-being during their most vulnerable moments is a privilege that compels me to continue devoting my time and resources towards becoming a physician. Medicine will ultimately allow me to pursue a profession that is both personally gratifying and contributes to the welfare of those around me, while also carrying the potential to form meaningful relationships with my community

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