My Career As A Nurse And Continue Helping People Through My Life

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Throughout my life I have experienced many traumatic events that have shaped me as an adult. Many of my experiences as a child have influenced my career choice as well. I want to become a nurse and continue helping people through many different life problems. I feel I have become more conscientious to responding to people in pain because of my various traumatic childhood experiences. When people are in need I find myself coming to their side to help and assist them with whatever is affecting them. I can relate to others pain because I too have gone through many painful endeavours in life. I was born with a severe case of club feet. It is an ankle deformity that in extreme cases can inhibit you from walking. As a child, I was in and out of Gillette 's Children’s Hospital, from surgery to physical therapy I have experienced it all. Not just that, but in fourth grade I broke my femur. So once again, I had another surgery and stay in the hospital. Through that experience I got the opportunity to meet lots of people and make new friends with similar situations as I. Looking back now I feel these many experiences have lead to me becoming a better person.

My birthday was only days away and it was beginning to feel like summer. As I walked down those stairs to Lindbergh Elementary, I was now one of the big kids. I was starting fourth grade next year and I was not only nervous but excited as well. I had wished for a bike for many years and that wish finally came true on my ninth…

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