My Career As A Marketing Analyst Abruptly After My Graduation

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I. Career-Leadership Aspiration
I aspire to become a Marketing Analyst immediately after my graduation. I will utilize my initial 2 years to:
1) Get hands on experience on the rapidly growing Analytical tools in the market which will help me take educated decisions once I move into senior role.
2) Get a hang of the cultural differences, understand the work culture and collegial dynamics in the United states, learn to do healthy networking and refine my decision making and people skills. I believe these are extremely important traits as I move towards a senior role.
While this BAPM degree has provided me with a strong background in many aspects of business, it has also given me the opportunity to demonstrate my abilities through practical experience. Being an active member of the Uconn Graduate Consulting team and Uconn Marketing Association, I’m working with a medium sized enterprise to help them drive optimal value out of their current business, while maximizing potential for future growth opportunities. This marketing project allowed me to develop and refine my marketing and organizational skills while analyzing customer insights and market business ideas to establish online presence and conduct activities to expand their volunteer base. The success of this project has been so overwhelming that the company has integrated these ideas into their new marketing campaigns. All these opportunities that I’ve explored at school and work, have strengthened my quantitative and…

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