Personal Narrative: Just Go Back In Life

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Background Knowledge
Have you ever wished you can just go back in life and think before you do?
In the summer of 2017 in Spanaway, WA I would always go outside and ride my bike with my brother and sister. My two brothers and my mom and dad all had a chipped tooth they always said that mine where the best. We live in a private neighborhood. We would always go down the big hill in my neighborhood. My mom wouldn't allow us to leave the neighborhood unless we went on a bike ride with my dad or my older brothers. There was a half pipe made of dirt and we would always ride on it. Also, we would ride next to the mailboxes where I would get dropped off from the bus. The color of my bike is purple with writing on it, it is a mountain bike with 6 gears.
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Me and my sister usually race down the small hill until Friday 9/8/2017 me and my sister were racing down the hill and I had a feeling that something bad was gonna happen as I was riding down on the grass everything went slow motion I went on the grass and ran over a pipe and then my front wheel got caught on the fence and I flew over my bars and fell straight on my face on the rock hard cement.
I got up I felt okay but my sister told me to go home and go to my mom I noticed I was bleeding I got to my mom she knew what happened but luckily I only broke my tooth half I was very lucky I didn't push my tooth into my lip.
I learned that When you're on a bike you need to be safe. For example, I learned to go slow down a hill because a car can just drive straight thru and they can hit you. I also learned to think if it's safe before doing it.
In addition, I learned racing down a hill is not a good idea because there are many ways you can get hurt. Also one of the most important ones I learned is don't go full speed down a hill. Also being crazy on a bike is putting yourself in danger you can hurt yourself really bad.
So after all I learned to think if something is safe before doing it, And safety is my number one priority now and it should be everyone else's

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