My Best Friends - Original Writing Essay

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As I have grown up, although I am still only 16, I feel like I have seen things. I know things. Some people say I am wise beyond my years. Believe strongly in things. I love my family, and I love my friends. Sometimes, though, we don’t always see eye to eye. My mom and I had to house sit for a friend one time. This friend is also her boss. She is gay and right before we house sat, they had a union ceremony. You see, at that time, it was not legal in KY to get married if you were gay. They went on a honeymoon, I think to Maine, to actually get married. So, for a month we watched the house. My friends came over and spent the night on several occasions. One of my best friends, that I have known for years, was very anti-gay. I don’t think this was so much his beliefs, but the strong beliefs of his very conservative, and at times hypocritical parents. After his mother and him seeing a “wedding” picture of the two ladies, a, at times, heated discussion ensued. My friend, who we will call Steve, looked at the picture and asked me how I could stay in this house knowing that these two are “disgusting”. I said to Steve, “Steve, how could you say something to horribly mean. This is America. You know, the land of the free. The land that people came over so they could have a better life. Do you know recall slavery or how about the civil rights movement? Honestly you sound just as horrible as the whites did during the 50s and 60s when the blacks had zero freedom.” Steve immediately…

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