Bobby John: A Short Story

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I was beginning to get nervous. Bobby Joe was on his knees praying, George had just called and said he was on his way over, and it finally had hit me that I was getting into something much larger than I’d originally thought.

Let me be blunt, I’m not a great Christian. I try to live a good life, I don’t drink much and never get drunk, and I’ll profess that I believe the Lord is my savior and died for my sins. Besides that, my logic takes over and I question too many things.

Take, for instance, last Sunday in church. We’ve been called to prayer, so we stand and close our eyes. After a few seconds, when the preacher’s words were in full swing, I open mine back up! Then, I noticed something that I hadn’t noticed since my childhood.
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When he prayed, he did so with every part of his body. His eyes clenched shut, his hands gripped each other as if they were attempting to strangle each other, and he rocked his body with each line as if he was standing at the pulpit and preaching in a fervor. I hoped he had enough faith for what I lacked.

The phone call from George had not taken him out of his praying. Neither did the doorbell when George arrived. In fact, only after George and I went into the kitchen for a quick cup of coffee did Bobby Joe say his final “Amen”, rise from his knees, and come to join us.

“Gentlemen, I am reminded of the hymn about the assembly of Christian soldiers that gather, marching off to war”, he said. “Men with good hearts, a desire to rid the world of evil, and strong faith that ensures their success when they meet the enemy. Today, gentlemen, we meet the enemy.”

“I just hope we all come home from the war” I added.

“There's the glory of Heaven awaiting us if we don't”, he replied. “The glory of Heaven is the reward for giving our souls to the Lord, Jesus Christ, who died for our sins so many years ago on the cross. He paid the price for all of us so we could join him and rejoice in the world beyond that lies waiting for us. Hallelujah, gentlemen,

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