Republican Chokes Up At Gay Marriage Debate In Washington By Mady Hayton Speech

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First argument: Video. “Republican chokes up at Gay Marriage Debate in Washington.” Posted by Chris Cunningham on February 9, 2102.

In the video “Republican chokes up at Gay Marriage Debate in Washington”, Republican State Representative Maureen Walsh, representing the 16th district of Walla Walla, speaks in support of legalizing same-sex marriages in front of her colleagues during a debate in Washington DC. Maureen Walsh supports same-sex marriage equality and claims that it is against human rights to deny the right of marriage to people due to their sexual orientation. The debate on the legalization of same-sex marriage takes place in the House of Representatives in Washington D.C. At the end
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Her argument starts with a powerful visual statement that immediately sends a strong signal about the character and ethos of the speaker. Her voice is soft but firm. Immediately, by saying “my heart and mind guide my decisions,” she establishes an emotional and logical connection with her audience.

This statement shows author’s honesty and values. Her speech continues with a personal story of her marriage, which aims at evoking strong emotions. However, a hint of humor lights up the story and prevents the audience feeling uneasy or overwhelmed by the speech.

The topic of the first story is the strong bond the author of the speech shared with her late husband. The author uses it to define her ethos. By saying, “How I can deny to anyone the experience of the bond that I had.” She uses her reputation and experience to get the audience to identify with her belief that all couples regardless of their sexual inclination have the right to experience
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Hovewer the “*” in the title takes us to the end of the article where the author contradict his previous statement by saying that “The above post pertains to children who do not have an obvious contraindication to vaccination. Children who have certain immune deficiencies should not receive certain vaccines. Children who are allergic to certain vaccines or vaccine components should not receive those vaccines. And there is one plausible case that a child with a rare mitochondrial disorder may have developed encephalitis after having received several vaccines, though that is far from a settled question. For the vast majority of children, vaccines are perfectly safe.” Therefore, the argument is for the vast majority of parents, not for

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