My Ability To Influence My Classmates

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From the time I was a young girl, I have always loved my ability to help people. I have always been influential over my classmates thus I have figured out how to influence them to take leadership roles. I always try to lead by example and by setting a standard for my classmates to try to emulate. By always volunteering for everything in the most enthusiastic manner possible, I try to make my classmates excited to be involved in things. I always try to be as helpful as possible to help my teachers have an easier time with my classmates. I try to set the example for my classmates to emulate in a manner that will lift the morale and quality of life in the entire school. My life mantra is ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ and …show more content…
I avoid negative behavior and gossiping in all places. I try to stand up for anyone who feels oppressed or bullied. I never gossip about people in a method to encourage others to do the same. This action suggests that others act in more positive ways than they do. I always dress nicely so I appear ready to learn. Whether I am going to school, dance, church, or instrument lessons, I dress nicely because I find by being an example and setting a standard, others are more prone to do the same. Others will frequently, even if inadvertently, do the same to try to either “beat me” or just to live up to my standard. In school and dance, I always avoid being chatty or just obnoxiously loud to be an example for my classmates. By being quiet, I appear ready to learn which encourages others to do the same. While I remain quiet in class, I am always raising my hand and asking questions. From a young age, we have always been told ‘ask questions because others are too scared to.’ I always ask any questions I have because I know it will help not only me but the rest of my class. I also answer as many questions as possible in my class because this sets an example for my classmates to try to …show more content…
As Ronald Reagan said, “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” I try to do the things I do to make people want to do great things. I make people want to volunteer. I make people want to help. I make people want to be a leader. My job as a student is to work to help my entire community want to be leaders. By doing this, I work to live out the mission statement of our school. With the ability to encourage people to take charge, I help people so that when the do step into our “rapidly changing global environment,” they have the ability to help survive the changing and eventually, lead

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