Multiple Learning Styles Essay

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Multiple Learning Styles A learning style is a consistent preference over time and subject matter for perceiving, thinking about, and organizing information in particular way. It is a different approach to ways of learning. Each student will have a preferred learning style rather they can recognize it or not. Some students may prefer visual or verbal instruction and then there are kinesthetic and reading learners. Learning styles are not fixed behaviors that we can get locked into. They are a preference in which students retain and learn information best. Students can temporarily adopt a new style if the situation arose but some may be better than others at adapting to new learning styles. One learning style I would like to focus on is the visual learners. Visual learning is one of the three types of learning styles. There are many different types of styles but three in particular stand out the most; visual, kinesthetic, and auditory. Visual learners use images to help them learn. They better remember by seeing rather than hearing. For example a visual learning student would rather read a book rather than hearing a teacher read it out loud. Which is opposite of an auditory …show more content…
Auditory learners learn most effectively by hearing information. They depend on speaking as their way of learning. These learners have strong language skills and well developed vocabulary. They will remember details from lectures and conversations. They tend to have musical talent and pay attention to rhythms and tones. Auditory learners learn best through the use of discussion, dialog, debate, memorization, phonics, oral reading, hearing anecdotes, and cooperative learning groups. When studying they like to repeat words aloud for memorization. They may even use a rhythm to help them remember phrases. These learners benefit from recording lectures and using audiotapes for language practice. They are very much opposite from the visual

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