Multifaceted Life Science Personal Statement

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While studying Cellular and Molecular Biology, I gained a significant amount of theoretical and practical knowledge. However, I feel as though my existing knowledge requires more supplementation so that I can apply my expertise effectively in a real world setting. After weighing my options, I decided that the field of public health would be a perfect fit for me. Public health offers me an outlet to augment my preexisting skills so that I can seamlessly apply them in professional settings. Additionally, public health is an extremely dynamic field and being a part of this field would allow me to work in numerous different industries.

My short term career goal is to work as a Healthcare Consultant at a company like Deloitte. Healthcare consulting would give me an opportunity to work with umpteen numbers of life science companies present in every part of the world. I would be able to work with companies operating in many different subsectors of the life science industry. Working with a myriad of different companies will provide me with a holistic understanding of the whole industry and give me insight into how to manage these companies. I believe that this experience
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This amalgamation would give me an unparalleled understanding of how the multifaceted life science industry operates and how it could be made more efficient. Additionally, this degree also offers a consulting workshop course which will provide me with all the skills that I need to excel at a consulting company. This degree also furthers my preexisting skill set allowing me to apply these skills in a real world setting. Attending an institution like Columbia University would give me the exceptional training I require to achieve my career goals and accomplish things I would not even be able to dream of. It is an honor to be considered for admittance, and I will be looking forward to your

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