MTE 562 RTI Model Essay

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RTI Model
Holly Mills
Ray Gless
May 4, 2015

RTI Model Jasmine Keller is a fourth grade student who has been monitored and reported as a student at-risk. Jasmine has a, “weak short-term memory that affects her involvement and progress in the general education curriculum in the areas of reading decoding, reading fluency, reading comprehension, spelling, and math calculations. Her reading level is at second grade. Broken down word recognition is at an equivalent of grade 1.7, and comprehension at 1.3. She has relative strength in vocabulary. If given classroom assessments with a screen reader she is very successful. Her writing skills assessed to be uneven with only weak spelling skills, which is at a first or
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Based on classroom assessments and teacher inferences of instruction of Jasmine, she is referred to tier two for intervention.
Tier Two These students show signs of weakness not correctable during regular instruction in the classroom of a general educational curriculum. Therefore, interventions to improve their abilities have been recommended. The interventions will be conducted by quarter grading periods. At the end of the quarter grading period the students are evaluated and referred to tier one or tier three. Parents will be notified prior to entering tier two via face-to-face conference at which time parents will sign the consent forms for treatment and further assessment. The parent will receive bi-weekly progress reports from the assigned intervention specialist with a conference including the parent and the RTI team. All specialists are teachers of Davis Elementary School and certified in their field. Jasmine Keller, after evaluation of assessments has been assigned to a remedial reading group that will meet during her class instructional reading period that is 35 minutes long. During this time the assigned specialist will collect and gather further information and data to determine Jasmine's progress for the team to recommend Jasmine to tier one or tier two. The team also has recommended because of the severe weakness Jasmine has; she will be required to attend the

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