Mt302 Unit 8 Essay

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MT302 Organizational Behavior
Unit 8 Assignment

The present paper focuses on presenting ways to apply a model of leadership to Leadership Today, which is an international consulting firm based in Singapore. It also focuses on offering advices to this company on how to change its leadership practices to turn the company around. Before starting it must be said that, Leadership Today has been loosing shares in the market to their competitors due to an efficiently poor leadership. The mid-level managers complain they do not have time to make proper decisions and the employees complain that their work is never recognized and celebrated. According to Robbins and Judge (2011), leadership is the
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The eight truth tells leader that they need to be an example in order to be followed, while the ninth makes the leader to believe that him and other can learn to lead to become better (leading is also about constantly learning). The last one of them says that “leadership is an affair of the heart” and that leaders love their constituents, customers, and also the mission they are serving. Leadership Today has to pass through a process of transformation where a very big accent has to be put on developing meaning to capture imagination and also to form long-term behavior. First of all, mid-level managers have to be provided enough time to take decision because rushed decision may not be the best ones. Also, when they employees perform at high-standards and meet company’s objectives, the company must recognize and celebrate their achievements in order to motivate them to keep performing this way. Another important aspect is customer care and even if it has not been stated in the issue, the company must properly take care of its clients because they are the ones that generate organization wealth. If the leadership takes into consideration all the 10 truths mentioned and detailed above, and if it starts to pay more attention to the managers,

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