Movie Review : ' The Film ' Essay

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Her is a comedy-drama movie mixed with a bit of science fiction; It was written and produced by Spike Jonze in 2013. Her was chosen the best film of 2013 at the National Board of Review; it earned a total of five Academic Awards. He should be proud of it. This movie is about Theodore, who falls in love with a computer software. It 's called operating system (OS) with a sweet female voice and personality, named Samantha. They have a date together, and go to the beach, they do really have fun. However, at the end of the movie, Samantha has disappeared. The interesting thing about this film is how the system develops her own emotion through the stories that Theodore has shared with her every day, and that emotion is getting stronger, and the love between people and computer has begun. The director focuses on elements which help him to indicate the message of love such as costume design, production design, and editing. Those elements are able to show that love is can be anything, it can be a human relationship or relationship between human and something else like computer. Costume design provokes the love feeling in the audiences because of the warm colors. Casey Storm say, "So we ended up with a lot of reds or these primary yellows. The color are vibrant. We wanted the happiness and warmth that comes with those colors, because it makes clear that the future is not an unhappy place." The love between human and machine is awkward , it seems abnormal; However, the warm color…

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