Movie Analysis : ' The Movie ' Essay

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Health Communication Messages and Themes

The movie I decided to write my film analysis on is JUNO directed by Jason Reitman and written by Diablo Cody. Juno is a movie about a teenage girl who confronts an unplanned pregnancy as well as the many events that comes with being pregnant at a very young age, and the pressure of being an adult. Juno presents many conflicts, restrictions, issues, and developmental stages which one must endure during their time going from a young child to a young adult. The main character in the film had to endure being pregnant and deciding if she should have an abortion or instead of giving up the unborn baby up for adoption. The story revolves around the conflicts and pressure she will go through at a very young age as too also dealing with conflicts relating to emotion and the dilemmas of choosing what’s the right or wrong answer.

As we discussed in our final paper, the health communication or theme the movie Juno represents is the social determinants of health which has been shown in the film I believe. Although it’s a funny movie, it truly shows a lot of health communication concepts. The movie represents health conditions in which people are born, age, and grow up as well as living conditions. Also, the film emphasis is given on sources like money which not only does it show how people are, but it plays a huge determinant for proving good healthy conditions and raising children. In the Film, the cultural values…

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