Analysis Of Silver Lining Playbook

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Introduction The movie that I selected to focus my paper on is the Silver Linings Playbook. The Silver Linings Playbook is a powerful movie that demonstrates many social and psychological issues that exist and which are very significant in shaping an individual’s life. I have watched the Silver Linings Playbook once before, but watching it for a second time was different. In class, I learned about the theories of human development which played a great role in helping me better understand the movie through a different perspective. Through watching the movie, I was able to apply the theories to not only the plot of the movie, but also the characters. The Silver Linings Playbook movie gave me the opportunity to analyze the development of a character …show more content…
However, it is hard to do being that there is a restraining order which prevents him from communicating or getting close to her. Regardless of the situation, Pat begins to have a positive outlook on life and believes in seeing the good of every situation, hence the silver lining of every situation. Pat not only changes his way of thinking, but also his way of life. He wants to change every aspect about himself that he thinks Nikki would have wanted him to change. He starts running every day to lose weight, regularly meets up with his psychiatrist, tries to stay out of trouble, and tries to integrate back into …show more content…
From the beginning to the end of the movie, Pat develops into an exceptional man. His transformation is surprising, and even more surprising is watching how he gets there. Every event that has occurred in Pat’s life, every experience he encounters, and every person involved in his life has helped aid in his development. One can fully understand Pat’s endurance and development when applying the systems theory and the attachment theory to his character.
Theory One: System’s

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