Movie Analysis: Kita Kita

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This movie will be reflected on those who love honestly regardless of the physical appearance if you really love him. A blind woman falls in love with a man who uses kindness and humor to make a connection with her. You will not be bored in the movie Kita Kita because you will be able to make it cry, you will be able to make your belly feel funny and you will be given a reason to love again.

Tonyo is flying to Sapporo, Japan because he has been hurt for so many times so he decided to do it might be good for him. He came here he did not know how to start again because he was brokenhearted. So he did it alcoholic because he knew This will make him happy to forget the painful memories of the Philippines.Because of the drunkenness he had a friend and that sapporo was then he decided to take picture with sapporo when he seen the picture unexpectedly with a woman caught by his camera. After she saw the woman in the picture she followed her and passed it infront of Lea's house. The next morning Lea saw Tonyo like a beggar across her house, approached her and helped her in the way she knew it. Everlasting wine always gave Tonyo even when she was sleeping but leaving her beside it. One day Lea gave Tonyo a Cabbage and
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Very attachables that he loved totally undoubtedly. When you watched it really very interested and have moral lessons. Characters are very funny. Love is blind really when the heart is decided. The genre of the movie is good because everyone will relate which is romantic comedy that is timely for the teenagers especially those people who feel love.
The ending was ugly because Tonyo died they did not have happily ever after unlike the lovestory they had kathniel and jadine. It was a tragic ending for the both of them. They just focused on two characters and just a place they were talking

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