Essay on Movement in the Montessori Classroom

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Movement - the Child’s Muse
Maria Montessori foresaw many developments in the study of movement and how it pertains to children and their education. It is necessary to consider how and why movement was such an integral part of her philosophy and how evidence from modern day research confirms the importance of movement in education. Both Montessori and educational specialists draw a link between movement and brain development (Hannaford 1995). This paper will examine how other educational theories have embraced a similar approach and focus on movement to develop intellectual thinking.
Maria Montessori and contemporary researchers shared a similar concern about society’s disconnect with the way we view education and its disregard for the
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In addition to the central nervous system, the sense organs play a role in that ‘…various sense organs…collect impressions and pass them onto the brain’ (1984:141). The child receives these impressions by way of their senses, one of these being touch. They make contact with their environment as they grab hold of everything that surrounds them. During these sensory encounters he acquires new skills that strengthen his intellectual mind. The mechanical relationship that Montessori describes addresses the physical and mental link between movement and the educational setting. This is simply one piece of her theory of why movement is essential to a child`s development. This points us to the development of a child’s personality which is at the core of her teaching, and how movement allows this to happen.
It is very important to recognize how Montessori thought the child should be educated. By looking at her link between movement and the development of a child`s personality we see how her teaching philosophy aimed at developing the whole child and that movement is at the centre of this development (1962:230). She saw movement as the avenue for human beings to express their true character and said ‘it is only by movement that the personality can express itself’ (1984:141). Montessori felt that in order for this expression of self to occur one must come into contact with their environment and the people in it to learn about oneself. Through movement we develop this

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