Compare And Contrast Montessori And Forest Schools

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There are lots of different international approaches and perspectives to children’s learning. Some of these approaches are old and some of these approaches are new. The theories have some similar points, however they do contrast each other too.
Montessori believed that children should have hands on experiences to learn and, they should have real life natural resources to enable this. Montessori also said that children should have the same equipment and resources as us but in child sized. We see this in settings every day for example child sized tables and chairs.
Montessori’s approach is well respected, with lots of setting in the UK following this approach, however there are theories that disagree with her and have a different style of approach too.
Montessori’s theory was/is similar to other international approaches too. One of the theorists that is similar is forest schools. Both these approaches believed that children should learn independently without much support. Forest schools and Montessori approaches both require extra training and courses to apply their ideas in
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Her theory is also different to forest schools, because forest schools believe that children learn better outside, where they can be with nature. However Montessori believes children learn more and better inside with natural real life resources. Forest schools also encourage children to take risks and challenges in their play, this is one of forest schools basic principles. Reggio Emilia also has a different approach to Montessori. Emilia makes sure the learning is more child-centred throughout their settings with support from practitioners, this is different to Montessori because Montessori encourages children to be independent learners. Emilia is also different because they always involve parents and their local communities in every child’s

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