Essay On Mother Resistance

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Mothers resistance can possibly derive from the fear of the daughter’s behavior in which she can’t not co-regulate or control because of the mom, it’s simpler to submit to the client’s tantrums and problem-solve the problem instead of guiding her through the process and setting boundaries and limitations to her behavior. In this case, it is easy to put judgment on the mother actions based on the history of services. I am the advocate for the child and I feel as if I should give the parent a reality check in terms of the purpose of our sessions. However, if done inconsiderately and unprofessionally it can potentially put the relationship with the client’s mother in jeopardy. The mother is a vast asset in the progress of the client. If I let my feelings get in the way and place judgement and incompetently question her motives, the mother might want to discontinue services. The resistance can emerge in fear of the process due to new life alterations. Also, in this particular case, the client’s parents present resistance by making excuses. As Norman Gysbers (1999) pointed out, “Making excuses for their actions or inactions may be a way for clients to resist taking responsibility for their behavior, …show more content…
Since this case is a transfer, there was an obvious rapport built with the previous therapist. The resistance towards the current and previous recommended strategies in the dyadic therapy can come from the fear of change. If the mother- child dyad and I make a fresh start in our working relationship, it can provide new insights about ways to interpret client and parent behavior. (Gysbers, 1999). As their new therapist, it is important to acknowledge their efforts and understand the position the mother is in in regards of having new comers into their

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