Motivation Theories Within Organization. Essay

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Nowadays it is widely accepted that the most important resource of any company are its employees; therefore competent manager need to have the clear understanding what motivates their subordinates to achieve effective performance as from efficiency of their work the success of the organization depends. Consequently, the task of manager consists in as much as possible effectively to use personnel opportunities. In independence on the manager decision the effect from it can be received only in case if this decision would successfully be embodied in the employees’ affairs. And it can occur only in case if workers are interested in results of the work. For this reason, it is necessary to motivate the person, to induce to action. …show more content…
The self-esteem is closely connected with feeling of purpose achievement, competence, knowledge, a maturity and dependences. The second type is need for respect by others. This need is connected with reputation, social recognition, the status into work group. In any organization of an award which can satisfy need for respect include honorary titles, other forms of the recognition, additional obligations and promotion (Maslow, Abraham H., 1987). Maslow arranges the need of self-actualization as the highest in the hierarchy of need. When the needs of four bottom levels are satisfied the individual focuses his attention on satisfaction the need of self-actualization. By trying to reach it the individual attempt to realize the whole potential to increase his abilities and to be "the best". Such need for self-expression is highest of all human needs according to Maslow (1987). In short, the fact that the human needs possible to arrange in a hierarchical order has a great importance. Firstly, the needs of the bottom levels should be satisfied first of all, only after that it is possible to address to needs of higher levels. Besides, it is necessary to consider that the needs of the lowest levels form the foundation on which the needs of the highest levels built. Only in case if the needs of the lowest level remain satisfied the manager has a chance to become successful by motivating subordinates through satisfaction of

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