More About Their Relationships On Facebook Essay

792 Words May 4th, 2016 4 Pages
more about their relationships on Facebook than they do face-to-face with the person they’re actually in a relationship with!” (Alingod) Technology has killed face to face interaction! People would rather text a person to tell them something rather than say it to their face. Which does not help when it comes time to do an interview for a job or you have to deal with someone that is a higher power than you. With smart phones people can hide behind there key board and say anything that they want to because they believe that there is no consequences on what they do on their phones. In reality everything they do on their smart phones are being recorded all of the texts and pictures that people send to other people can be traced. Teens now days don’t think about the consequences before they do things. There are teens that are sending naked pictures to other teens thinking that those pictures will never get out. Once they have sent those pictures they can never be truly deleted and they do not realize that because parents are not talking to their children about these kinds of problems like they should be. Another thing that is big in today’s society is cyber bullying. Back before smart phones were a big thing parents had to worry about bullying now parents have to worry about bullying and cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is just as bad as regular bullying but it can be worse because teens think that they can say whatever they want to because they are behind a key board and it is…

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