Cyberbullying: Factors That Lead To Teenage Suicides And Depression

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Bullying is one of the many factors that lead to teenage suicides and depression. Technology is developing new ways to communicate with others and is also opening up new opportunities for bullies to attack their victims without being seen. There are four major types of bullying; cyber, verbal, hidden and physical. Each type of bullying can vary in how each affects an individual mentally, but most of the effects are similar in each type. What exactly is bullying and how does it have an impact on the victim? Bullying is when an individual or a group of people repeatedly and intentionally cause harm to another person or group of people who feel helpless to respond. Bullying can continue over a period of time and is often hidden from adults. …show more content…
This form of bullying gives the bully absolute power to harm and put down their victim. The internet has its advantages, but in today’s society those advantages can be taken way too far. Cyberbullying can happen at any hour of any day of the week. Cyberbullies can reach a kid even when he or she is alone. The effects include, but are not limited to; Use alcohol and drugs, skipping school, receive poor grades and having lower self-esteem. According to CyberBullyHotline roughly 20% of kids being cyberbullied think about committing suicide, and 1 in 10 attempt it and roughly 4,500 kids commit suicide each year. 81% of teens say bullying online is much easier to get away with and nearly 3 million kids per month are absent from school due to being bullied online. Cyberbullying has multiple psychological effects to an individual. Some of these psychological effects that begin when the individual is young can lead well into adulthood. According to Forbes magazine, “Kids who had been victims only (who never bullied others) had greater risk for depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, generalized anxiety, panic disorder and agoraphobia as adults.” These factors are the leading cause to suicidal thoughts and actions taken by young adults and adults if the bullying does not come to an …show more content…
Whether the type of bullying is cyber, hidden, verbal or physical each one degrades the victim and does not prove points for any reason. Suicide from bullying is rank number three in the factors of teen deaths. Why do people feel the need to degrade someone to release their anger and make themselves feel like a better person? What good does bullying play if an individual feels the need to end their life because of rude comments or physical pain? The world needs to be a bully free

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