Montressor Character Analysis

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A young boy named Montressor, who lived in a very small city called Rochester in Minnesota, where every night the streets are lonely, but every morning the birds are chirping. He disliked living in a city where he felt disconnected and it begins to bring memories when he was a child. He would rethink his past and the negative connection between him and his father and how his father disliked him because he was a strange boy. He dealt a lot with his father. He never got to know his mother because she died when he was a toddler. Montressor has dealt with a lot of pain when he was a young boy and every night he is walking around the city in Rochester at night he would rethink all of the things he has went through. During middle school, Montressor …show more content…
Every time he sees a mother with her child, a couple holding hands, and a group of friends laughing and enjoying themselves, he feels like a dark cloud. All Montressor wants is someone with the same mindset like him. Montressor would think beyond than any average person. Every since his mother died when he was five years old, he still remembered the advice she gave him and he remembered the whole scenario before she passed away. While he was at the hospital, it was very tiny and the room looked very cloudy. His mothers face was very greenish and swollen. She couldn’t open her eyes. While she was terminally ill, she whispered trying to speak to him, “You have to defend yourself and only trust yourself because you are a very special boy.” After she said that she started to cough constantly. Montressor responded while shaking his hand when gripped to her hand, “I will become very protected and everything I am doing is for you mom and I won’t let anybody bring me down because you keep me up.” While his mother was smiling, she was slowly dying. She passed away with a smile on her face. Montressor felt the room fading and everything began to turn black and white. He was on his knees and closed his eyes and the room began to spin rapidly. Montressor began to sob because knowing that his mother is gone,

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