Clarisse In Fahrenheit 451 Essay

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Clarisse McClellan, a young girl who is a opposer to the society of Fahrenheit 451. She is an innocent girl that claims to be crazy in her behaviorism. Clarisse is different than the rest of the society in Fahrenheit 451. She has a different personality and mindset. Clarisse likes jumping in the rain, and having conversations, however, no one else likes these things. She defies the daily life of everyone in this society. The Government silences Clarisse because they are afraid of her spreading that different personality. Clarisse’s behavior could spread and cause everyone to stop watching tv and staying inside. Clarisse had to be silenced because of her distinct lifestyle that opposes daily life that the government enforces which therefore drives the silencing of Clarisse.
Clarisse acts differently compared to the rest of the society. She enjoys doing things that no one else does. Clarisse is a seventeen year old girl that says she is crazy. Clarisse is inquisitive about the world.
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His thoughts on society and his life changes because of Clarisse where he thinks it is lifeless. She deeply affects the mindset of Montag through her actions. When montag is coming back home from work, he meets Clarisse. During this conversation she essentially interrogates Montag. As she is talking to Montag, she is curious and asks him questions.”Are you happy,”(Bradbury 7)this is one of the most significant things that Clarisse says because it makes him think about his life with his job and wife. This makes him think about what is going on in his life. Clarisse could change the world with her personality. Montag’s conversation with Clarisse is the cause of his turn on the firemen and Beatty. He realizes that he is not happy with his life because he is not committed to his wife and not happy with his job, he wants to make a change in his

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