Essay on Module V ( B ) - Management Theories

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Module V (B) - Management Theories Worksheets
Complete the following tables based on your section of classroom management theorists. You will have THREE tables to turn in (one for each theory selected).
Theorist # 1 Name of Theorist(s): B. F. Skinner
Summary of Theory (include citations/sources used in summary) B.F. Skinner’s theory was that anything is susceptible to have their behavior changed by certain conditioning. This means that everyone will change their own behavior based on what the response is around them. If someone responds to their actions positively, then the subject, or student in this case, is likely to do the specific action again. If their actions are received negatively, then they are more likely to stop preforming those behaviors. Skinner called this “behavior modification,” where behavior is shaped by the reinforcement given, which can be negative or positive.
Citation for Reference # 1:
Berger, V., Dr. (2005). Famous Psychologists: B.F. Skinner. Retrieved April 16, 2016, from
Citation for Reference # 2:
Hannum, W. (n.d.). Learning Theory. Retrieved April 16, 2016, from
Explanation of How the Theory Matches/
Compliments Your Personality/ What about you and your personal or educational experiences makes this theory a good one for you to use in your teaching? #1a Personality…

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