The Little Black Book Of Success Analysis

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Rhonda McLean, Elaine Meryl Brown and Marsha Haygood carefully constructed the brilliant leadership handbook, The Little Black Book of Success, for anyone seeking leadership advice on their journey throughout the management world. All three authors crafted this book with the intent of bettering the lives of similar individuals.These women did not let working in different departments of the same company stop them from having the same mutual goal to help others thrive. This book is directed towards coloured women, however, there is advice and life lessons in the novel that can apply to anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Many educational lessons surfaced from the reading of this novel, and some were not even newly learned, but lessons that one may …show more content…
Despite the fact that these lessons were already known, it was extremely beneficial to be reminded of them. Positivity is a very overlooked characteristic that was discussed a lot throughout the book and it even had its own chapter. Positivity, so simple to understand, yet so hard for people to acknowledge that it is very important when it comes to leadership. As black and white as it is, people want a positive leader, no questions asked. Being positive starts with you, how you react to situations can determine your outlook on life. By telling yourself, “I can accomplish something, even if I may not be good at it” is a start that will set you up for success. Also, looking at the best parts of people and all their good qualities will help you identify good situations instead of the bad. When you finally learn to be a positive person, regardless of others, it will always come back to benefit you. In studies, it is shown that how you react and deal with people will directly impact how people treat you. When it comes down to it, positive people accomplish more in all aspects of their life because who really wants to associate and deal with a negative person? Also, being able to accept yourself as the most valuable person can increase your strides towards success. If you cannot consider yourself to be important, how will anyone else be able to tell you to play a significant role in your position of work. The most critical aspect of leadership is self esteem which must flow from your core. No one is born a leader, but leaders are created as they learn to implement new concepts into their role, and work their way up through the ranks. The reason why leadership can be learned, is because it requires skill sets that can be taught. If these techniques can be taught, then anyone is capable of achieving their end goal of leading and

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