Field Theory And Social Exchange Theory

Field Theory. According to Kist-Ashman (2014) Field Theory identify “…a group should be view as an entity moving through its immediate environment in pursuit its goals.” (p.79). The first concept is valance that refers to have involvement and participation and it is important cohesion which is an important to feel part of the group. The next concept is leadership and the different leaderships that may exist in group (authoritarian, democratic, and laissez-fire). Other concept is the role of members in group that depends of individual status or position in group. Other important concept is norms which are collective rules. Power is other important concept because it can determine how members of the group can achieve some goals. Finally, consensus …show more content…
Also, they feel part of the group because they contribute as expected in this theory. The valance, cohesion, leadership and consensus are important concepts in this theory. To feel part on a group where participation and friendship can help to get their goals.

b) When the leadership could be authoritarian, the power is not in valance and cause problems to get consensus in the group that do not benefit to the members.

Social exchange theory. The levels of interpersonal interaction can involve in in rewards or cost. The reward can explain as a positive experience and costs can be the negative experience.

a)In treatment can work to have interactions with each member of the group. Then, they can experience the reward or costs to interact with member of the group.

b)It is not necessary that we have rewards or costs in interpersonal interactions.

Learning Theory. In this theory people can learn new behaviors and unlearn maladaptive behavior. Also, three types of learning. The first is respondent conditioning that it is react in a specific stimulus. Second, it is modeling that it is observing a person engaging in the behavior desirable and the importance to reinforcement that can be positive or negative. The last is punishment to eliminate a particular
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It is more to achieve desires goal in the group. I think it is important the boundaries because they can feel identify with patterns that repeat.

b) It is difficult to analyze subsystems and their interactions. It is only to help to achieve goals for the group.

Empowerment Theory. In this theory applies to group five dimensions: social justice (identical rights for all citizens), consciousness raising (to be awareness personally, for others, and socially), mutual aid (provide support, feedback, information), Power (the ability to move people in certain way and achieve some goal), multicultural socialization (the difference in terms of ethnicity, trace, gender, and sexual orientation, class, ability).

a) It is more for task group that want to achieve group goals. I think empowerment is really important for people in group and in social work because social workers give tools to the group to achieve particular goals.

b)It is difficult to convince people who do not feel empower and contagious to

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