Mission Statement And Philosophy Statement Essays

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Mission Statement and Philosophy Statement Reflection

I developed my mission and philosophy statements almost two years ago when I got to this point in the program before illness had me hospitalized. Now as I have had two years experience in my career and revisit them, I have somewhat of a fresh perspective. My revised mission statement still incorporates some of the wording from the principal’s original phrase but I expanded the statement to reach a larger audience as well as adding wording to make it more specific. Now the mission statement fully explains who we are, whom we want to serve, how we are going to reach them and why we are doing it. I believe now the mission statement is clear in the aspect of the school serving all of the student body with high level athletics that teach values that will enrich their lives beyond high school. Many years ago I began to use the phrase “teaching life lessons through the sport of soccer. Although I do not remember where I first heard the statement, The National Education Association mimics the sediment in an article of a similar title (Schmidt, n.d.).

The final version of my philosophy statement was expanded as well to include more specific verbiage. I took the feedback from my draft as a guide and increased the explanation of my core values. Most of these core values I currently use in my position as the head women’s soccer coach at Polk State College. My experiences in this position have allowed me to view interscholastic…

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