Essay on Miranda And Frank 's Relationship

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Miranda and Frank had continued to keep their relationship quiet due to the no fraternization policy that was in place at the organization. Frank had recently been promoted after he had begun to date my friend and was torn between on what he should do. Frank knew this could potentially be a huge conflict of interest. Potentially Frank, as well as Miranda could have lost their job if upper management had found out about the relationship. Frank did not want to possibly loose out on the opportunity at advancing in his career or on someone he was falling in love with. Therefore, both Frank and Miranda decided together that as long as their relationship stayed outside of work, they both felt there was no reason to bring an end to their relationship or alert the management staff of the situation. They decided that once Frank had established himself as a manager that together they would alert management of their relationship. After a few weeks of employment, I had noticed that rumors had begun circulating among my other co-workers about a possible relationship between Miranda and Frank. From my understanding at the time, Miranda no longer wanted to see Frank for reasons she never disclosed to me; however, Frank continued to pressure her to continue the relationship. After a few more weeks, Miranda decided to finally put an end to their relationship, resulting in an extreme amount of discomfort between the two. Nevertheless, Miranda continued to try and make things as amicable…

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