Millennials Essay

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It’s official: the millennials have overtaken the baby boomers as the largest reigning population in recorded history (Fry.) Millennials are seen as many things by the older generations besides just being larger in size than they are. They have been deemed as “lazy, work-shy narcissists who lack loyalty and jump ship at the drop of a hat” (Maio.) The generation has been said to have no work ethic, an unhealthy dependency on technology, and are happy to live in their mom’s basement. Millennials are not lazy. They have been shown to work just as hard as the older generations, if not harder. They use different methods to live their lives than the Baby Boomers or Generation X did. They have been exposed to more technology in the last twenty …show more content…
They are described as lazy, taking short cuts especially through the help of technology, and not as loyal as the older generations. It is only because they want different things than the older generation. They want a more flexible work schedule so they can spend more time with their kids or doing things they love, “work is not everything Millennials want in life. They would like to have time for their friends, family, hobbies and other small pleasure and pastimes. They work to live; not live to work” (Labrien.) The current generation is described as being not as loyal as the past two generations when it comes to their jobs. It is only because they feel they are not getting enough out of their employment for how hard they worked to put themselves through college and want more out of life than a job they do not like that cannot even help them pay back their student loans, “Millennials tend to be less loyal than the preceding generation, but what else can be expected in an economy which has let them down as they were ready to enter the workforce? Most of the Millennials left universities overeducated, under-qualified and often with large student debt. The rates of youth unemployment has increased substantially with the with the recession and most Millennials have to deal with having little income, doing short time jobs and struggling for independence” ( Zavrsnik.) Millennials are doing the best with what they have. How can older generations expect them to have unwavering loyalty to jobs that do not even care about them and view the new generation as a dime a dozen? They are just tired of being undervalued and being made to feel like if they do not work their life away doing something they do not love for minimum pay that they are not adequate members of

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