Michelle Isaac: My Greatest Blessings In Life

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“My greatest blessings in life are my kids, my husband, and my relationship with God.” Those are the words of Michelle Isaac, an independent, vigorous, loving wife, and mother. Michelle grew up in a broken home; her father walked out on them when she was about ten years old. She was raised by her mother and had two siblings; an older sister and younger brother. Her mom did her absolute best to raise them in a good, loving environment. Michelle loved her mom but she still long for the affection of her dad. Her mother expressed how hurtful it was to see her own daughter cry for her dad, “I can still remember when Michelle tried to call her dad to go to one of her softball games. The call kept going to voicemail…It was painful to watch her look around the field with her hopes up that her father was going to show up. There was nothing I can do, but try to pick up the pieces along the way.” Her mother, Betty, shed a few tears after expressing those feelings to me. Michelle eventually got tired of waiting around for her dad and decided to move on. “I learned that I can’t change my dad and as much as I want him to be around, I know that won’t ever happen.” …show more content…
She knew what she wanted and knew the steps needed to achieve her goals. “I think her strong personality is what drew me in”, expressed Josh, her husband, “I knew I was in for a crazy ride on our first date, when it took about two months until she agreed to go out with me.” They remained good friends for a few years before they started dating. She had an unexpected pregnancy that sped up the wedding by a few months. “She looked stunning with her wedding dress on!”, Josh stated. She now has two loving kids that mean the world to her. She did mention a few challenges she had and one that she will forever carry in her

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