Essays: The Importance Of Writing An Essay

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I can recall that throughout my high school years, my English professor would say: "You have an essay due Friday." I would ponder for hours before I could actually start the essay. How can I even start writing if I do not know exactly what an essay is? Why are essays important? How are essays going to help me in life? Why am I even writing one? In the following essay, I will provide evidence from "Essayists on the Essay" to describe what an essay is, its importance in our life, and the role Michel de Montaigne has on it.

First off, the dictionary definition of an essay consists upon a short literary composition on a particular theme or subject, usually in prose and generally analytic, speculative, or interpretative. But does an essay really
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How can this be true? Jose Ortega y Gasset describes in pg. 38 from "Essayists on the Essay" that: "The essay is a science; the point of intellectual honor not to write anything susceptible of proof without possessing the latter beforehand." An essayist must have proof of the topic they are going to expose. For example, if we were to talk about Global Warming, then we would look for books, articles, and recent news to support our thesis. I consider that an essay without evidence is like a sea without water; you have the vast potential of information in your hands, but you refuse to give your best and excel on your …show more content…
Has there ever been an incorrect essay? No. There are spelling and punctuation mistakes, but no imprecise essays. I consider that an effective essay is one that is capable of transmitting verifiable information to an audience through the use of arguments. Though Montaigne's essays, we can depict that each essay is unique and has its own essence. As we all might know, each essay varies in its form and content. We will never find the same essay twice, even if we all have the same topic. Each essay is developed in a different way, and therefore the ideas we try to convey are capture distinctively from one

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