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Paired Comparison
Kristy Pidwell
University of Phoenix
MGT 350 – Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making
Group: _____A_____
Dr. Jennie Wong, EdD, MBA, SPHR
November 14, 2011
Problem Formulation and Decision-Making Tool The importance of using decision making tools has been helpful throughout man kind, although the stated theories came about not too long ago in 1927 by Ernst Heinrich Weber and Gustav Fechner. Naturally, a person will make a decision based on what they see fit to be the best fit for their needs or wants. Paired comparison is an effective method of decision making. “When our pattern of decision-making is irrational, we live an irrational life. Rational decisions maximize the quality of life without
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The manager using this tool will find it helpful because they will be educated on their employees, as well as the amount of money they are spending on them. The manager will also see the value that their team is bringing to the organization by recognizing accomplishments.

Weakness of this tool The disadvantages of this tool are that, the possibility exists that the decision was not the right one. Ultimately, there are not many foreseen weaknesses to this tool initially because it forces to decision maker to come to an educated decision by comparing two items with careful consideration and knowledge. A matrix can be used to assist in the decision making process and is effective because the decision maker is not only thinking about the options, but they are looking at them in writing on paper in front of them.
Use of the Decision-Making Tool This decision making tool is used as a way to educate the decision maker and consider options in their mind as well as a matrix. A stakeholder can benefit from using this tool as well. If a stakeholder holds stake in more than one organization and potentially would like to focus on another organization, they can use a paired comparison matrix and compare the organizations. This will help with coming to an educated decision as to which organization would be the most beneficial to be a part of. On the other hand, if they are

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