Reflection On Project Approach

Project Approach Reflection
What is project approach? Project approach is an in-depth project investigation of a topic worth learning about. The investigation has three phases the first phase is the beginning the project, the second phase is developing the project, and the third phase is concluding the project. The key feature of a project is the research effort deliberately focused on finding answers to questions about a topic posed either by the children, the teacher working with the children. Project approach, is centered on the learner and affords learners the opportunity for in-depth investigations of worthy topics (Helm & Katz, 2016).
For my project based learning assignment I was in a group with three other classmates and we were assigned
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We implemented this topic to the students through stations where students take turns to feel the texture and observe the shape and look of each rock of Sedimentary, Igneous, and Metamorphic rocks. What I learned while working with the students on this project was how exciting and fun learning about rocks can be. The best part of the investigation was the hands-on learning experience about how rocks form their shape. In this investigation if I could do one thing differently it would be to have the stations pre-set up and already the students pre-assigned to groups form a smooth transition from station to station. The second investigation that I did with students was to have the student’s identity types of rock belongs to what category based on the rock’s properties (luster, hardness, and color). We implemented this topic though having the students go on a rock hunt and making a prediction about what type of rock they found and identifying the rocks properties. What I learned while working with the students on this project is that you should always try to incorporate hands on learning and give students time to explore the topic at hand. The best part of the project was the rock and how excited the students were to go outside and find a rock to study. If I had to do one thing differently it world be having more examples of rock properties, so the students could …show more content…
What I will take away from this experience is the importance of hands on learnings in the classroom. When students are actively involved in learning they more likely you are to retain more information on the topic. As a learner with a disability who struggled to learn through lecture and standardize test, and would have benefited from project approach being taught in the classroom it is a great way to get every student involved in learning. Given that we only did a mini version of the project and was an overall good experience it would have been better to experience the entire project from beginning to end. In my future classroom I do plan on using project approach although every investigation won’t include five hands on activities like we were required to do in our investigations with the

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