Essay on MGT 601 Week 4 Assignment Rapier

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Human Resource Planning and Organizational Strategy
Mia A. Rapier
MGT 601: The Functions of Modern Management
Professor Carolyn Broner
August 24, 2014

“Strategic HR planning predicts the future HR management needs of the organization after analyzing the organization's current human resources, the external labor market and the future HR environment that the organization will be operating in” (HR Council, n.d.). Human resource planning directly ties in to an organization’s strategic development and implementation by calculating company trends, resources, design, previous works and future expansion and ensuring that the impending requirements are met. This paper will further examine the role of human resource development
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The sixth element is the performance appraisal; this assesses “outcomes and behaviors of employees against established and taught standards” (Plunkett, Allen, & Attner, 2013). Appraisals in turn, become the basis for promotions and relegation and ultimately can affect most aspects of an employee’s tenure. The next element of the staffing process is compensation which is “the total amount of the monetary and non-monetary pay provided to an employee by an employer in return for work performed as required” (Heathfield, 2014, p.). There are two forms of compensation, direct and indirect; direct compensation is composed of wages and salaries whereas indirect compensation includes financial and nonfinancial rewards and benefits such as bonuses (Plunkett, Allen, & Attner, 2013). The final element in the staffing process is employment decisions;, these decisions include hiring and firing of employees, layoffs, transfers and promotions. Each of these employee decisions require specific protocols and applications and must be executed without discrimination. The link between the eight elements of the staffing process and the four activities related to human resource planning is complimentary. Both have the component of job analysis, which “is the foundation for all assessment and selection decisions…job analysis examines the tasks performed in a job, the competencies required to perform those tasks, and the

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