Essay on Methods Of Using The Lob Technique

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Several techniques have been developed in construction to plan and schedule activities with repetitive characteristics such as building and civil engineering applications. These techniques include various features and most of them are incorporated with combinations of networks, a graphical technique and an analytical or simulation tool. This group of techniques is also known line of balance (Lutz & Hijazi 1993).
LoB technique is a location based visual scheduling technique that allows the manager to explicitly account for flow of a project (Nageeb & Johnson (2009). It utilises diagrams (lines) to represent different types of work and location of work performed by various construction crews.
LoB utilises three types of graphical representation; the production drawing which shows the relationships of the activities for a single unit; the objective drawing showing the planned or actual number of units produced verses time, and the progress drawing which shows the number of completed project activity. Advantage of using the LoB technique is the graphical presentation (Pai et al). This representation can help the construction manager and the project team to analyse project progress and activity deviations easily
Activity in LoB is represented by a sloppy bar (figure 2). The width of the bar is the activity duration (activity 1-4,4-8 and 8-9) which is uniform along all activities. A horizontal line at any unit intersects with the activity bars at the planned start and finish…

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