Essay on Methods And Characteristics Of Effective Followers

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Leading and Following from a Distance Today’s market has organizations expanding to meet the needs of their customers. Therefore, more and more employees are not directly managed by their managers on a daily basis, as many employees are overseas or in different locations from their manager. Furthermore, being an effective follower takes certain characteristics or tactics when face-to-face contact does not exist. Because having effective followers provides the organization the ability to pursue their organizational goals. Therefore, to be a good follower means supporting the leader when they succeed, and having the courage to inform the leader when something is wrong or going the wrong direction (Moran, n.d.).
Tactics and Characteristics of Effective Followers There are many tactics and characteristic an effective follower must have when they are located in another country and face-to-face contact is limited with their manager. Effective followers can differ in their motivations for following and in their understanding of the role, they support. “Some choose followership as their primary role at work and serve as team players who take satisfaction in helping to further a cause, an idea, a product, a service, or, more rarely, a person” (Kelley, 1988). To be an effective follower, one should possess the traits listed below.
Creating Ones Own Job The follower should create his or her own job. Looking for quantifiable goals to achieve and having the ability to report…

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