Mercy Grace Counseling Center Case Study

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Step 1: Prepare- Identify Problems to Address Mercy Grace Counseling Center has a numerous amount of teenage clients who suffers with anger issues. After speaking with several agencies in the area, the social worker noticed a lack of community support for teenage girls in anger management. The social worker is willing to find adequate resources that will help implement this program. She feels that the clients will support this change because this problem affects negatively families’ well-being and their relationships.
Step 2: Prepare- Review Your Macro and Personal Reality The administrators at Mercy Grace Counseling Center supports the idea of the program, so they have set aside funds gathered through fundraising to sponsor this
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The results will be worth the efforts because the girls will be able conserve with others with similar stressors. An alternative solution to produce benefits at less cost would to ask competent social worker involved to do pro bono services. The social worker is willing to do pro bono services to benefit the public. Another way to lessen cost would be family members being responsible for cost of activities. The families and teenagers involved would benefits because their relationships will improve. The social worker feels that no one pays a cost significantly because the program is funded through people and organization who willingly donated.
Step 6: Prepare- Review Professional and Personal Risk. The administration at the agency where the social worker works support the implementation of the program. Therefore, the social worker is not at any serious danger of losing her job. The only way the social worker is at any danger of losing her job or at a decrease potential for upward mobility is if there is any ethical standards are being violated. The social worker’s colleagues also support the development of the program, therefore; it will not cause strain on work relationships.
Step 7: Prepare- Evaluate the Potential Success of the Macro Change
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The social worker identifies that the program is a support group entitled SAM (Surviving Anger Management). The program is aimed toward providing peer support for teen girls, between the ages of 13 to 18, attending anger management. This will allow them to converse with other girls about them stressors and finding positive ways of dealing with them.
Imagine- Muster Support and Formulate an Action System SAM is funded by individuals in the community through fundraising and donations. The funding also comes from local agencies that also support the program. The administrator at the agencies and community leaders, such as members of churches, is the main source of support. The client system is the teenage girls involve in the program and their families. SAM promotes the well- being of the individual that will help the relationship with their families. This will ultimately benefit the community. The social worker is the change agent. She brought attention to the administrators at her agency of this program. This ultimately led to the change process. The target system is the community in which the girls are a part of. The social worker is also part of the action system. Outside local agencies and community leaders are also part of the action system. They all agreed to working together to attain

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