Social Work Career Goals

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A. The Profession of Social Work as a Career Goal
The United States is a country known for protecting and defending their people especially their children. However, after centuries of our society condoning all types of atrocities from infanticide to exploitation of children’s labor and the many attempts to form a functional child welfare system, children who are victims of abuse and neglect do not receive the adequate services and support they need. Abuse comes in many different forms and it doesn’t necessarily come from what many view as immoral or evil. Studies show that children who never been abused but come from dysfunctional families or suffer from crises; divorce or a death in the family display similar disturbed behaviors. Culture,
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Family Functioning Through Child Welfare is an evidence, strength based model originally designated for treating delinquency, substance abuse and violence for high risk youth. The model now serves as a more intensive alternative in prevention programs for families with children of all ages dealing with various issues beyond delinquency. The program has two intervention tracks, high risk assigned to Therapists and low risks assigned to Interventionists. Though all cases are considered high risks, Interventionists link to community resources as opposed to Therapists who teach the skills themselves. The goal of the program is to reduce out of home placement by reducing risk factors and improving family functioning through home based interventions that are specific to the family’s unique challenges, strengths and their relational …show more content…
Career Goals
I want these families to receive the right services thus they can progress successfully without running the risk of losing motivation due to delay of services. One way in achieving this is to learn solutions to the problems families face through educational strategies, so that I myself can service these families first hand. I am confident that the Silberman School of Social Work can provide me with the courses and preparation to excel as a Social Worker and continue to help families in the most effective way.
My ultimate goal after graduation is to provide psychotherapy to children who’ve been exposed to traumatic life events. I would explore trauma focused therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the Play Model, both topics I was delighted to find as courses at the Silberman School of Social Work. I look forward to meeting and learning more about Carrie Epstein, LCSW and Gilbert M. Folley, EdD both whom have done incredible work with young children in the field of child

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