Mentoring at Coca Cola Essay example

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MBA 509 Human Resources Management

Case Study on
Mentoring at Coca-Cola Food

Mentoring is one of those programs adopted by the companies to assist the employees in developing their leadership capabilities. “Mentoring is an attempt to transfer experience and expertise from experienced individuals in an organization to the less experienced” (Gregson, 1993, p. 19). Most of the cases it has been used for fast catching the work environment by the employees. Gregson (1993, p. 19) elaborate the process indicating that by this activity senior manager overseas the activity and performance of a more junior colleague who is allocated for fast development.

According to Scandura,
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Focus: Coaching focuses on achieving specific objectives, usually within a preferred time period whereas, Mentoring focuses on open and evolving agenda and deals with a range of issues.

Relationship: The main difference of coaching and mentoring is the relationship between two people. In mentorship the process is focused on the building a good formal relation between two person to communicate effectively in-depth each other. It help the protégés to understand the organization and do their job better. The mentor helps to learn more about the organization culture, company mission and how things are getting done in-depth as it is a one-to-one interaction. On the other hand, coaching do not consider the relationship. Coca-cola consider coaching as an interactive process by providing goals, techniques, opportunities to practice and feedback to enhance the performance. It consider the element of coaching is critical rather than relationship. In coaching, the relationship is not of utmost importance; rather the agreement that the coaching is valuable is the critical element.

Position of the host: Typically, in Coca-cola, the host person of the mentorship process is in higher position having experience as well as knowledge on the culture and the dynamics of the organization. It means, the information flow is from upper direction to lower direction. On the other hand, the person who is hosting

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