Essay about Meeting Meetings And Conference Venues

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Meetings happen all around us, both informal (e.g., friends meeting for coffee or kids playing at recess) or formal (e.g., business meetings or interviews). While department sales meetings are not nearly as fun as playgrounds or lattes with friends, they are an important role in business and are much more effective if handled properly. Meetings can create a collaborative atmosphere with all participants feeling as though part of a team, or they can be disastrous causing confusion, frustration, and procrastination. Whether it is a face-to-face meeting with one other person or a yearly conference with hundreds of people, planning and managing them well will help facilitate a desirable and positive outcome. Two primary reasons for holding meetings are to gather and exchange information and offer suggestions for solutions to problems (" - Meetings and Conference Venues," n.d.). Although meetings serve different purposes, they all share a common five-stage model in development; forming, storming, establishing norms, performing, and adjourning (Abudi, 2009). Forming takes place when a team first becomes established. Members get to know each other and the leader is usually established in this phase. The storming stage is as it sounds—turbulent. There are different levels of conflict from simple disagreements on ideas to arguments that reduce morale and make the goal nearly impossible to attain, but the storming stage is unavoidable. The norming stage is when the…

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