Essay on Medical and Ethics

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Before you begin, save this document to your computer. You will need to submit your answers in the area indicated below. | The landscape of today’s healthcare professional work environment is quite dynamic. Factors such as managed care, legal and ethical structures as well as federal regulations, greatly impact the shape of the healthcare industry. As an aspiring professional in the medical field, your understanding of these influential factors will help you become a valued asset to an organization.In this assignment you will practice what you have learned in chapters 4, 6, and 8 in the Medical Law and Ethics textbook: * Legal and ethical boundaries * Federal and state legislation *
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Keep in mind That visiting an out of network provider includes a higher Fee and a separate deductible |

Question 2: What are the advantages and disadvantages of a group medical practice for a physician? | 6 points | Directions to complete Question 2: * Please answer the question with at least 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages * Respond to the question using your own words | Answer:Type your answer hereAssociate practice: Advantages- Work is shared. Disadvantages- Legal responsibility is not shared by all members. Single specialty: Advantages- Expenses and staff are shared. Disadvantages- Possible competition among specialties within The group. |

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Question 3: Define the following abbreviations:NP_______ CMT______CMA______ RT_______CPC_______ MT_______ | 6 points | Hint to complete Question 3: * What does the abbreviation stand for? | NPAnswer:Nurse Practitioner | CMTAnswer:Certified medical transcriptionist | CMAAnswer:Certified medical assaistant | RTAnswer:Respiratory therapist | CPCAnswer:Certified professional coder | MTAnswer:Laboratory or medical technologist |

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Question 4: What are the four D’s of negligence? Provide a brief explanation of each one. | 6 points | Directions to complete Question 4: * Please name and briefly explain each type of negligence in 2-3 sentences. * Respond to the question using your own words. | #1Answer:DUTYType your answer here

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