Feng Shui Thesis

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A news article in 2008 stated that Hong Kong leader Donald Tsang’s first action on becoming chief executive was to hire an expert to check Feng Shui at Government House (HK leader). According to this article the Feng Shui expert predicted that a second satellite dish was bringing negative energy which could emphasize bad luck. A satellite dish is known as a wok (in Cantonese), this could also mean blunder or getting the blame.
Feng Shui has become immensely popular in the past decennium (BBC News). It is being used in design and architecture from different areas; like homes, businesses, gardens, and public spaces. Feng Shui can be found not only in Asia, but it has also flourished in the West (God).
Feng Shui has become an important part of today’s
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Seemingly this approach originates from China as Feng Shui is a Chinese system/belief.
In order to answer the thesis statement thoroughly sub questions had been formulated. The sub questions are:
“How did Feng Shui came to existence?”
This subquestion will provide the information to answer the first part of the thesis statement. This question is important to be asked in order to get an understanding of what Feng Shui is and how it came to life.
“How are the effects of Feng Shui throughout the Chinese history?”
The effects of Feng Shui on the Chinese culture will be examined next in the Chinese history. The changes Feng Shui has brought on Chinese history will give a better view on how much impact Feng Shui has.
“What aspects in Chinese culture does Feng Shui has its effect on?”
After knowing the origin of Feng Shui it is useful to know what Feng Shui exactly effects. The effects are focused specifically on the Chinese culture. The answer to this question will give a start to the next

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